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NewsBrenner Brewing Hits $750K GoalRead More.
Brenner Brewing Co.


Brenner Brewing Hits $750K Goal

Today I hit my $750,000 goal to begin construction of Brenner Brewing. More details to follow.

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Brenner Brewing Co.

Brewery Tours

Brenner Brewery is Wisconsin's newest Craft Brewery. Come for a behind-the-scenes tour, often given by Founder & Brewmaster Mike Brenner, hangout in the tasting room & sample beers, and check out the adjacent art gallery. Bring all your friends & have lunch delivered by one of the city's many nearby Mexican restaurants.

Tour Times

  • Mon - Thurs: 5PM / 7PM
  • Fri: 2PM / 4PM / 6PM / 8PM
  • Sat: Noon / 2PM / 4PM / 6PM / 8PM
  • Sun: Noon / 2PM / 4PM

Tasting Room Hours

  • Mon - Thurs: 4PM-10PM
  • Fri: Noon-11PM
  • Sat: 11AM-11PM
  • Sun: 11AM-8PM

Must be 21 years old with valid ID or under the supervision of a legal parent or guardian to sample beer and tour brewery.

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