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About Brenner Brewing Co.

Brenner Brewing Co. is a craft brewery-in-planning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founder Mike Brenner recently completed the Executive MBA program at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee where he developed a business plan for a brewery that would meld his passion for crafting delicious beer with his lifelong devotion to Milwaukee’s arts and music scene.

Mike Brenner is studying to be a Master Brewer at the Siebel Institute of Technology, America’s oldest and most respected brewing school, as well as the Doemens Academy in Munich.

While working to raise capital to start his brewery, Mike Brenner is hosting beer tastings, and developing Cheers to Volunteers, a program that brings together people that love volunteering at local nonprofits as much as they love great beer.

What’s an Art-Centered Brewery?

As most of you know, I was one of the co-founders and the longtime Executive Director of the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN). I also owned and ran Hotcakes Gallery for almost five years. Even before that though, in the early 90’s, I made my “living” playing over 200 shows a year in a Milwaukee-based cover band, John the Conqueroo. Obviously, supporting local artists and musicians has always been at the heart of everything I’ve done, and I don’t want the brewery to be any different.

If you click on the image to the left, you can see a very small part of my plan to integrate music and art into what the brewery is. I not only want to show the world that Milwaukee still does make the best beer on earth, but also has an incredible community of hard working artists and musicians that deserve international attention. As each of Brenner Brewing’s “12oz Ambassadors” gets into the hands of someone outside Milwaukee and eventually outside of Wisconsin, we’ll show the rest of the world what we’re up to here… Amazing Beer, Amazing Art, Amazing Music, Amazing People.


Having spent more than a decade working with local nonprofits, Brenner Brewing’s Founder, Mike Brenner, is keenly aware of how challenging is it to get things done with ever decreasing budgets and limited manpower. Brenner also understands how difficult it can be to move to an insular community like Milwaukee and make friends. It’s for those reasons he developed Cheers to Volunteers.

The Brenner Brewing Company’s Cheers To Volunteers program brings together groups of community-minded individuals to volunteer at local nonprofits. After giving a few hours of our time to make our city a better place, we all gather at a bar to socialize. The first two rounds of Brenner Beer are on the Brenner Brewing Company.

The idea is to not only support a local nonprofit and a local bar, but to have a lot of fun doing it with a group of great people who also care about the world around them.