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Gallery Night at Too Much Metal

Brenner Brewing will be back at the Too Much Metal Showroom (207 East Buffalo, Suite 318, Milwaukee) in the Marshall Building for Milwaukee's quarterly Gallery Night on October 19 from 6-9pm. I'll have a bunch of beers available for sampling, including a new Pilsner recipe that I'm experimenting with, as well as a 12% Coffee Stout.

Rock Metal Xocolatl Ink Prints from Too Much Metal for One Hand Friday, October 19th 2012 (Gallery Night). Too Much Metal's Fred Gillich will design and silkscreen 2 new posters with chocolate ink from Ghirardelli Premium Chocolate of San Francisco. In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Too Much Metal will honor and advocate for all who battle and have battled cancer. All the proceeds from the chocolate prints will benefit the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition.

25 hand pulled, signed and numbered Rock Metal Xocolatl Ink Prints on canvas are available for $100. There will also be an accompanying t-shirt. Sponsorship provided - in part - by Brenner Brewing Co. and Ghirardelli Premium Chocolate. Brenner Brewing Co. will brew a 2nd batch of Too Much Bier for One Hand (Heffeweizen Doppel Bock), and Ghirardelli will be on site sampling a variety of chocolates.

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