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Getting Grades and Munich Weirdness

munich-1We got our grades this morning, and I am definitely graduating. In less than 8 hours I will be done!

After a quick meeting with the director of the program and some pictures, I headed out to walk around Munich a bit and do some last minute shopping. Everyone is wearing lederhosen to graduation tonight, and I want to pick up a feather or some wild boar hair to pin to my German hat I'll be wearing. I also got this awesome Ram's horn the is a horn, but I need to find a cork for it so it can double as a drinking vessel.

I ran into some weird shit though today. First, some dude on this huge unicycle on the train (you'll probably be surprised to know he had a pony tail), and then a bus ad for some performance where they are apparently in black face. I was pretty sure that black face was not socially acceptable, but in German it's still ok, I guess. Crazy!

I also checked out the new bubble tea place in Munich. Super tasty. Wish we had one in Milwaukee.munich-2

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